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Ford Vehicles
Ford Motor Company - Henry Ford started this company in Detroit, with the Model T. Today Ford is probably best known for their iconic Mustang and the Ford F Series Trucks. With a revamped company, cars and workforce, Ford is once again on the rise in America. Slogans: Built for the road ahead. , Have you driven a Ford lately? , Ford. Feel the difference. , Quality is job one. , Ford has a better idea. , Go Further.

Ford Models have never been hotter than right now and with models like the Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, Focus, C-Max, Escape and the durable Ford F-150 Pick-up truck its no wonder why.

Ford Fiesta -
The Ford Fiesta is a popular small car that is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. This is a great starter car for a new driver or someone that mainly drives in the city. The Ford Fiesta can be had in some pretty crazy colors which makes it attractive to younger drivers who prefer to stand out.

Ford Fusion -
Ford has got a hit on their hands with the Ford Fusion. When I first saw this car from the front I thought it was a European car, stylish, tight lines give this car great aesthetic appeal. Inside the car uses keyless starting, has a nice interior and integrates a large electronic screen into the cockpit. The car is remarkably quiet when on the road and the onboard GPS keeps you going in the right direction. One of my favorite Ford's yet!

Ford Mustang -
The Ford Mustang is an affordable beast of a sports car. A true American Icon, the Ford Mustang continues to turn heads as it did decades ago. Fun to drive and unmistakable on the road, the 2014 Mustang comes standard with a 305 HP, V6 engine and starts at $22,200. The V6 Convertible starts at $27,200, pretty reasonable for an American Icon of a sports car.

Ford Ka - Ford K -
The original Ford Ka caused a real stir when it first appeared on the road – and the Ka continues to be an eye-catcher. The Ford Ka features a ultra-modern yet compact car design. Funky, friendly and fantastic to drive, the Ka has set another new standard for small cars. These small Ford cars have proven to be very popular in Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world. The cheap price is yet another benefit of owning a Ford Ka.

Ford Taurus

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Ford Model K (circa 1906)
was an upscale automobile produced by the early Ford Motor Company. It was supposed to replace the Model B. The model K was aimed at the top end of the market and featured an inline-6 (the only Ford six until 1941) giving 40 hp (30 kW). The car came in 2 models, a touring and roadster version. The Model K was a high priced vehicle at the time (between $2500 and $3000). Ford stopped building the Model K in 1908 after only 900 cars were built.