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Selecting the right Motor Oil
Oil is an everyday necessity, that is used in nearly every facet of our daily lives. We use motor oils in our cars and machinery without thinking twice about how important it is.

But which brands of motor oil should i use in my car, truck, suv or other vehicle? Sometimes it comes down to a matter of choice.

Why use synthetic motor oil?
The most simple answer is because it's better. First of all there are 2 different types of synthetic oil. Full synthetic oils and Semi-synthetic oils, let's take a look at what the differences are.

Full synthetic motor oils contain absolutely no petroleum, that's because they are made in laboratories. Therefore, they contain less impurities than traditional petroleum motor oil does. Your engine will run cleaner, better and last longer if you use synthetic motor oils.

Semi-synthetic oils are a blend of traditional oils and synthetic oils. Because they are blended with traditional oils the cost is considerably cheaper.
Synthetic motor oils break down slower than natural oils, they also perform better at higher temperatures. If you race cars or motorcycles you probably already know about the benefits of synthetic motor oil.

Virtually the only downside of using synthetic motor oil is the cost. Synthetic motor oils are generally much more expensive than traditional oil blends.
With tons of different motor oil brands to choose from, selecting the right more oil for your car, truck or motorcycle can be a difficult task. Not only is there traditional motor oil, but synthetic motor oil as well. You want a motor oil you can trust, at a price you can afford. Below is a comprehensive list of motor oil brands and reviews.

AMSOIL Motor Oil Brand
One of the largest manufacturers of motor oils in the world. AMSOIL makes oils specifically designed for cars and trucks, vintage vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs, snowmobiles, Marine engines, personal watercraft and small engines like lawnmowers. An industry leader for over 40 years, AMSOIL specializes in developing synthetic lubricants, that offer extraordinary performance for many different types of engines. AMSOIL also is widely used in racing engines. AMSOIL is proud to be formulated, blended and packaged in United States of America. Slogan: The First in Synthetics.

Castrol Motor Oil Brand
With Castrol selecting a motor oil for your vehicle could not be any easier. Simply go to their website, type in your model of vehicle and they recommend the appropriate Castrol motor oil for you. Castrol edge is designed for today's modern engines which can run hotter and at higher pressures than ever before. Castrol edge has been engineered to withstand even the most extreme heat and pressure. Castrol GTX provides superior sludge protection, this in turn helps to extend engine life. The double action formula not only helps to protect against new sludge formation, it has also been proven to clean away old sludge. Slogan: It's more than just oil. It's liquid engineering.

Mobil Motor Oil Brand
Mobil is certainly a household name and one of the most widely known brands of motor oil. Mobile makes premium conventional, advance fully synthetic, high-performance and high mileage motor oils. Mobile 1 advanced full synthetic motor oil helps keep engines running like new by combating sledge, reducing engine wear, while controlling oil breakdown. Mobile 1 is also the world's leading synthetic motor oil brand. It's also used by the most NASCAR teams. Slogan: Keeps your engine running like new.

Pennzoil Motor Oil Brand
The same Pennzoil synthetics you can buy off-the-shelf are used by Penske Racing in their race winning Indy cars. Pennzoil is available in these varieties: Pennzoil conventional motor oil, Pennzoil high mileage vehicle, Pennzoil Gold synthetic blend motor oil, Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil with PurePlus technology,Pennzoil Ultra Platinum full synthetic motor oil with PurePlus technology cleansing and protection. Look for the oil logo with the bell on it. Slogan: Not just oil, Pennzoil.

Valvoline Motor Oil Brand
The large red and blue V on the bottle, is the easily recognizable symbol of Valvoline oil. In fact they have so much experience with motor oil, they actually invented the stuff in 1866. One of Valvoline's claims to fame is that more ASE certified master technicians use Valvoline motor oil in their own cars and trucks versus any other brand.

Valvoline also sells a host of other oil brands under the Valvoline name including: Max Life, SYN Power, DURA Blend, Valvoline Racing and NEXTGEN. Valvoline also has a chain of instant oil change centers located throughout the United States.